We are truly grateful for the lengths you'll be traveling to celebrate with us. Nantucket is an island 30 miles out to sea, and can only be accessed by ferry or plane.



Ferries run to Nantucket frequently from Hyannis, MA on Cape Cod and on a more limited scheduled from New Bedford, MA.

The Steamship authority

The Steamship is the most classic way to get from the Cape to Nantucket. The Hyannis -> Nantucket ferries come in 2 options: The Traditional (slow) Ferry, taking 2 hours and 15 minutes, or the Fast Ferry, taking just 1 hour. The slow boat is your only option for bringing a vehicle to the island (though we strongly feel it is not necessary for the wkend).

Hyline ferry

The Hy-Line is your other option for ferries from Hyannis. This company only offers fast (1 hour) boats, and does not offer car transportation options. Similar to the Steamship they offer multiple boats a day, and is a great, quick option. The boats are modern, clean and comfortable. Reservations recommended.

If driving to Hyannis we don't recommend bringing your car on the island, though it is possible on the slow ferry (call to reserve tickets through the Steamship Authority). There is parking near the docks in Hyannis for both the Hyline and Steamship ferries.

If taking a shuttle to Hyannis, the Plymouth/Brockton Bus Line departs every hour from Boston (BOS) and Peter Pan Bus Line departs every hour from Providence (PVD) to Hyannis. Uber and UberX are also available for transport to/from the ferry.

There is also a ferry option from New Bedford, MA through Sea Streak Ferries. The trip from New Bedford is 2 hours on the boat, and can be a bit rougher than from Hyannis as you are on the water for longer. There are also more limited trips per day from New Bedford (1 or 2 boats) so it is more important to plan ahead if there are any delays or issues with weather with this option.



Flights are typically exclusively run by Cape Air from Boston Logan Airport and the planes are small 9-seat Cessna airplanes (NOT for the faint of heart or those blessed with height). But on a clear day it is the most gorgeous 45 minute flight (gate to gate) and sometimes the seat next to the captain is yours and you can help with the landing!

JetBlue flies to ACK from BOS, JFK & DCA seasonally- the planes are much larger and more comfortable, but book up fast. United, American and Delta also fly to ACK from Newark, Charlotte, LaGuardia, and DC.

Fun Fact: The airport code is ACK and the island is frequently referenced as such (hence the URL).

On-Island Transportation

There are lots of Taxis and Uber available on the island to get to and from our events and around to different destinations. The WAVE is the islands public shuttle system, it's a great way to get around the island, with convenient pick up/drop off locations, frequent trips being made, and at a great price point.

Remember, Nantucket is a tiny island (15 miles end to end) so no trip will be more than 10 minutes long.

There are also two options for rentals cars on the island, both are easy and great options if you would like a car to explore.

Hertz: This is your typical Hertz rental branch, and it being located in the Nantucket Memorial Airport makes it that much easier to use! Make sure you book ahead for these! VIEW

Affordable Rentals: Another car rental company, another great option! Again, make sure to book this ahead of time, but they can also meet you at the ferry if pre-coordinated. VIEW