A few ideas to get your exploring (and eating!) started.

Steps Beach


Cisco Brewers, Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket. A family favorite, this brewery, distillery and winery will change your perspective on what Brewery life is. Pet and kid friendly, Cisco is open year round to the public and even offers tours of their brewery and tastings! Make sure you try a Blue-Haired Lady (Jason’s favorite) and Gripah (Jenn’s favorite). If you arrive on Friday meet us here for an afternoon drink from 1:30-3pm!

Conservation Trails. There are over 3,000 acres of trails and walks to explore the island. Our favorite is called Sanford Farms and consists of 1.7 mile, 3.1 mile, or 6 mile loop (one of Jason’s favorite places to run on island).

Young's Bicycle Shop, 6 Broad St, Nantucket. Nantucket was made for biking, and there are bike paths throughout the island! Rent a bike and go on a beautiful ride. Young’s will help you pick whatever type of adventure you are looking for! They also rent scooters and jeeps!

'Sconset Bluff Walk, 27 Bank Street, Nantucket. The 'Sconset Bluff Walk is a must! With ocean over looks, expansive views of the bluffs and dunes, all the while weaving through the historic 'Sconset village, this walk is easy, family friendly, and one you will never forget.

Sankaty Head Light, Baxter Road, Nantucket. If you drive out past 'Sconset, down Baxter Road, you will come to one of Nantucket's most famous landmarks, the Sankaty Head Light! It was moved a couple of years ago to keep it from plummeting off of the cliffs; we always make a trip out here on our visits.

Beaches! Nantucket has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they are all publicly accessible! Steps Beach, Galley Beach and Cisco Beach are a few of our favorites, but to see a full list of all of the options click here.

These are just a few of our favorite things. See lists here and here for more ideas of ways to explore the island. Edie and Sam are also great resources for any questions on ACKtivities.

Food & drink


The Handlebar Cafe - Coffee & Pastries

The Hub - Coffee, Pastries, & Newsstand

Lemon Press - Healthy Breakfast/Juice, Lunch

Black Eyed Susan’s - Sit Down Breakfast

LUNCH/ Take-Out

Something Natural - Best Sandwiches & Bread on the island!

Bartlett Farm’s - Natural Farm with Take-out Options (near the brewery)

The Corner Table- In-town, easy sandwiches/take out/coffee


Lola 41 - Great cocktails, Sushi, and the best burger on the island!

Dune - An Edie and Sam favorite in town.

American Season’s - Romantic dinner spot with great food and setting.

Cru- Happening oyster bar on the warf.

Straight Warf - Good food and bar on the warf.


The Chicken Box - “Box or Die”



Nantucket traditions

Pennies Overboard: As your ferry is departing the island, rounding Brant Point and the Brant Point lighthouse it is island tradition to throw a penny into the harbor, ensuring your return to the island in the future. If any of our family is on the ferry home, we always throw in pennies for the missing parties, so that we can all return to this special place, together soon.